To Check for Hexes in Your Home, All You Need is Salt and Water

Transform your dwelling into a place of strength, not weakness.

You won’t believe how much negative energy can linger within your home. And the more of it there is, the worse you might feel.

When a home is overloaded with negative energy, people can experience tension and fatigue on a deeper level. However, ridding your space of this negative energy is much simpler than you might think. In fact, it’s easier to get rid of it than to keep it out.

How to tell if your space needs a ‘cleanse’:

Unexplained feelings visit you at home. For example, fear, anxiety, irritability, sluggishness… Children often act out, and pets are restless. Strange knocks, creaks, or unexplainable sounds are a constant occurrence. Objects disappear or break for no reason. It’s hard to focus on your home and family. Intrusive thoughts about work, other people’s issues, and concerns dominate. You feel ‘off’, unable to find your place. Life seems like a ‘swamp’, making it tough to earn a living or resolve important matters. This could often indicate energetic stagnation.

The best method to clear negative energy:

An easy and effective method to clear energetic stagnation. If you don’t notice changes after the first time, then it’s not about negative energy.

Purification with saltwater.


2 tablespoons of vinegar; 2/3 tablespoons of sea salt; 1 full cup of water; 4 drops of white sage oil (if needed, you can replace it with frankincense or clove oil).


Pour sea salt into an empty cup and add a cup of water. Then add the vinegar, followed by the drops of white sage oil. You don’t need to mix the mixture, just leave everything as is.

Prepare several cups for each room in your home. Leave each cup for 24 hours and then check for any changes. Try to ensure that no one touches the cups.

If the water hasn’t changed at all, then there is no negative energy in that room. But if the water has changed color or texture, take the cup and pour the water outside, at least ten meters away from your home. Repeat the process until the water remains clear.

In spaces with a significant amount of negative energy, you’ll need to leave the cup for the entire week. This works because white sage oil can eliminate negativity, and the other ingredients enhance the effect. Sea salt also absorbs negative energy.

Now, the reason why we don’t pour this water into the toilet. The thing is, when you do that, you leave residual negative energy in the apartment. By pouring the cup of negativity outside, you’re releasing the negative energy to Mother Earth, so that she can transform it into something positive in due time.

Give it a try, and you’ll immediately notice how the atmosphere in your home changes. If you do this once a month, the negative energy will never return to your home.

So, shall we give it a shot?